"A machine part used in ancient machinery. It's incredibly sturdy, and it's not made of any recognizable material. It may come in handy someday."
— In-game description

Ancient Shafts are materials in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Guardian Part obtained by defeating certain types of Guardians, by searching broken Guardians, or lifting legless Guardians near sources of water using the Cryonis Rune. Link can also purchase them on rainy days from the traveling merchant Teli travels around the Necluda province. Like all Guardian Parts, it is a piece of ancient machinery created by the ancient Sheikah.

Ancient Shafts can be used by Great Fairies to upgrade certain armor. At the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab the Ancient Oven Cherry can use them to forge certain types of Ancient Soldier Gear after Link relights its Furnace during "Robbie's Research". Additionally like Monster Parts, Link can use them to create Elixirs by cooking them with Frogs, Lizards, or Bugs.

Related Side Quest

Main article: Slated for Upgrades

During the Side Quest "Slated for Upgrades", Purah will offer to upgrade Link's Remote Bombs in exchange for three Ancient Shafts. Once Link has provided them, Purah will allow him to use her Guidance Stone to upgrade his Remote Bomb runes to Remote Bomb+ which increases their range, power, and decreases their recharge time allowing them to recharge faster.


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