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"The Ancient Fish! Lives in the swamp. Often referred to as a living fossil. Said to feel a certain kinship with mummies."
Swamp Fishing Hole Poster description

Ancient Fish are fish that can only be found in the 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are a rare species of fish that reside within the Swamp's Fishing Hole. Their design and name are a clear reference to the real-life Coelacanth, which is considered a living fossil.

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They are brown fish with two sets of fins on its sides, two fins on the top, and one on its' underside. They are often referred to as fossils, and they are rumored to have a certain kinship with mummies, which might explain the need for the Gibdo Mask in order to find them.


In order for Link to capture the Ancient Fish, there are certain criteria that he must fulfill. Link can only find this fish taking residence within the Swamp Fishing Hole, he must also have the Gibdo Mask while fishing, and only the Sinking Lure can be used to capture it. Link does not need to fret about time, however; the Ancient Fish can appear at anytime at any day. The fish is rare to capture, and they can be found nearby the plants, in the depths of the water.

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