"This is an icehouse used for storing the ice brought down from the mountains. Seeing as we live in a desert, it's pretty important stuff for us Gerudo... So I manage this place 24 hours a day."
— Anche

Anche is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Gerudo from Gerudo Town who runs the Northern Icehouse in Gerudo Desert.


Anche is a Gerudo who stands guard over and manages the Northern Icehouse north of Gerudo Town underground in Gerudo Desert beneath the Turtle Rock. The icehouse stores ice acquired from the cold Gerudo Highlands that surround Gerudo Desert. As the ice is an important commodity for the Gerudo, Anche manages it 24 hours a day though she actually sleeps in the icehouse at night. She is very alert to fire as she will kick out anyone who lights a campfire, shoots a Fire Arrow, uses a Fire Rod or Meteor Rod, or carries a lit Torch into the icehouse house provided she's awake.