Amber Relic

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Amber Relic
Amber Relic (Skyward Sword)
Amber Relic
Appearances Skyward Sword (2011)
Found Throughout The Surface
Use Upgrade equipment
"You got an Amber Relic! These amber-colored chunks of precious stone are found everywhere. No one knows where their strange shape comes from."
— In-game description

Amber Relics are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link can collect these precious stones while exploring any area of The Surface and are most often found by rolling logs. He can then bring them to the Scrap Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar and upgrade his equipment.

Amber Relics are used for multiple upgrades, such as the Wooden Shield into the Banded Shield or the Small Quiver into the Medium Quiver. They can also be sold to Rupin in his house at night for 30 Rupees apiece.

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