"Your trial in the desert has made you stronger. The blood of the Hero must be in your veins..."
— Aginah

Aginah is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He is a hermit living in a cave in southwestern Hyrule. It is he who reveals to Link that the Book of Mudora is needed to enter the Desert Palace. With this knowledge, Link travels to the House of Books in Kakariko Village, and obtains the book. With it in hand, he then travels to the Desert of Mystery, and uses the Book of Mudora to translate the Hylian Writing on the stone statues blocking the path to the Palace. With the writing translated, the stones shift, enabling Link access.

If Link visits Aginah after completing the Desert Palace, the hermit congratulates him and suggests that he must be related to the hero of legend.

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