The Age of Chaos (also translatable as Age of Confusion in the original Japanese) was a period some point after Zelda 3, before Legend of Zelda 1. It is mentioned in the English localizations of the manual. Zelda 1 takes place while the world was still in the Age of Chaos.[1][2][3]


The Age of Chaos was a period in Hyrule's timeline when it was in downfall after Ganon had returned and destroyed the kingdom, leaving the lands in decline. Long ago and far away, the world was still in the Age of Chaos.

In the Land of Hyrule, there was a small country . The peace was protected by a golden triangle known as "Triforce" One day the "Triforce" was stolen and the Princess was captured by Ganon and his evil henchmen.[4] Before Zelda was captured she sent out her trusted nursemaid to escape into the wild, and find a man with enough courage to destroy the evil Ganon. Ganon sent out his henchmen to track Impa down, and they surrounded her. It was then that a young lad, Link came to her rescue. Impa explained to him his mission, and told him to find the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom and defeat Ganon inside Death Mountain where Ganon lived.[5]

Link completed his mission successfully rescuing the princess, bringing an end to the Age of Chaos. This was followed by a Golden Age of peace until Link's 16th birthday, before an age of ruin, leading to a curse put on Princess Zelda, causing her to sleep.


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It's not clear how far the 'Age of Chaos' goes back in time. In retrospect it could refer to the entire "Hyrule's Decline & the Last Hero" timeline discussed in Hyrule Historia. Or simply a period at some point after Zelda 3 (in that game Hyrule is still in pretty good shape, compared to remote wilderness it became by Zelda 1).[6]

Compare also to Era of Chaos along the Child Link timeline (before the split).[7]

Probably comparable to the Era of Decline as mentioned on the Hyrule Historia timeline, which was set after the the Golden Era, and long after the Era of Light and Dark.

Hyrule Historia theorizes that this era could be followed by an "Age of Darkness".

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The Age of Chaos is mentioned in the Nintendo Zelda comics before each story.

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