"Welcome sir... to the 100 Rupee Advance Shop. I'm amazed you found us! We're only found on Game Boy Advance! Everything is 100 Rupees. Don't let our secret out!"

The Advance Shop is a shop found in both The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is unique in that it cannot be entered when the game is played on a Game Boy Color. When played on a Game Boy Advance, however, the shop is open. Its merchandise consists of two Seed Rings and a Gasha Seed. Depending on the game, one Seed Ring will become either the GBA Time Ring or a GBA Nature Ring, while the other is treated as a random ring.

In Oracle of Ages, the Advance Shop can be found in the past, adjacent to the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery. In Oracle of Seasons, the shop can be found in northwest Horon Village, next to the Know-It-All Birds' Hut.

Note: the Advance Shop cannot be accessed in the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.


Item Price
Seed Ring 100 Rupees
Seed Ring 100 Rupees
Gasha Seed 100 Rupees


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