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A Gift for My Beloved is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a quest given to Link in East Necluda by Manny. The objective is to help Manny figure out what Prima would like as a gift by talking to her.


Outside of The Great Ton Pu Inn, Manny asks Link if he knew what kind of gift Prima would like, and states the information is not for him, but for "his buddy's friend". After exhausting Manny's dialogue, Link can proceed into the inn and ask Prima what she likes. Prima will only tell Link what she likes if Link speaks to her from behind the counter. When asked Prima is a bit disturbed by being asked what she likes, and mumbles to herself that she'll just say something random. Prima tells Link that she loves crickets, and wants a collection of 100 Restless Crickets.

Returning to Manny, Link tells him that Prima wants crickets. Manny is overjoyed by this information, exclaiming how he is a connoisseur of crickets. From here, Manny wants Link to help him collect the 100 crickets by bringing him 10 Restless Crickets. An easy way to obtain Restless Crickets is to cut the grass in and around Hateno Village. Once Link has collected 10, return to Manny and he will reward Link with a Silver Rupee. and tell Link that once he collects the 100 crickets, he can finally give them to Prima.

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