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Favorite Console

What is your favorite Nintendo console and why? Personally, I have always liked the GameCube the most. This is partially for the controller- but also because it has my favorite Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, and Metroid games.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Missing Controllers?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a great game and fairly well-balanced, but the online multiplayer is quite flawed, with inaccurate matchmaking and NO DEDICATED SERVER, which means that you might have to rely on someone's crappy internet, or you could be ruining someone else's experience, no offense, and this is the exact same thing we had in Smash 4, but this time we're paying money for Nintendo Switch Online.

However, that's not the only issue we're facing. The fact that there are significantly less controller options in Smash Ultimate than Smash 4 proves that Smash Ultimate is facing a lot more issues than we expected.

Smash 4 had a choice of 14 different first-party controller options, and they each were quite unique. Smash Ultimate has a choice of 3 which are very similar to each other. See how much has decreased? Even the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller for the Switch couldn't be used properly in Smash Ultimate! Take away the six 3DS models and you STILL have almost 4x the controllers on Smash 4 than Ultimate.

Not only do you have to stick with the offset analog stick layout, instead of using their preferred styles, but you've pretty much wasted money on potentially 93% of the controllers you had! This is talking about the controllers you also carried over from Brawl. All of that goes to waste when you realize that the Wii and Wii U controllers aren't compatible with the Nintendo Switch, unless you get 3rd-party adapters.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you miss using the Wii Classic Controller Pro? Do you miss using that Wii U Pro Controller?

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Smash, did they failed on the Classic mode?

I like the new Smash, but some part of it are bugging me. The adventure mode is not what I wanted and the Online is no way better than the Smash we had on the Wii U (and now we are paying).

But the classic mode seemed fine at first. But Im seeing how its not so much fun to play it too much. I want to main Young Link, so that when the Online mode will be fun to play (when they will find a way so that it doesn't lag like this) I will be awesome with him. But if I want to train in the classic mode (and earn some reward at the same time I train) I end up doing the EXACT same match over again. Same adversary in the same order in the same arena.

Why can't they randomize it a little so that it doesn't get boring? Am I the only one that have an issue with this? What do you think?
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Loz hats

I just made some loz hats let me know whatcha think. It took me about 1 hours to make both of the hats if you want to make one I can supply a link.😉
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The possibility of a Zelda Wiki/Zeldapedia merger...

There were times where I thought this type of merging would've been rather impossible or it would take a long time, and you would typically laugh it off if someone said that they're confident.....now I think it's time you stop laughing, because Zelda Wiki and Zeldapedia are closer to merging than before.

Back in 2007, the co-creator of Wikia offered the owner of Zelda Wiki to merge that wiki with Zeldapedia. Given that there were some issues regarding to ownership, Zelda Wiki declined.

Ever since then, the wikis' rivalry intensified, and now I can say that both have been quiet ever since the heat for BotW died down.

However, the whole rivalry may end. Brandon Rhea of Fandom presents this blog.

Fandom and Cursed Media (the company that owns Gamepedia, where Zelda Wiki is) are merging, and although there aren't any details yet, I'm going to predict that it's going to involve some massive Wikia/Gamepedia merges. In that case, Zelda Wiki and Zeldapedia may become one, as requested 11 years ago.

What do you think? How will Zeldapedia fare in the future with this merger?

Fandom and Curse Media are joining forces
Fandom and Curse Media are joining forces Community Central
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Divine Beast themes

When you're inside the Divine Beasts, after activating the first terminal, ever notice what some of them sound like?

Ruta almost sounds like Fort Francis from Super Paper Mario

The last bit of the Rudania song sounds like the Song of Time from Ocarina of Time. (Also the "Attacking Rudania" song sounds like Lanayru Mining Facility from Skyward Sword)

Medoh sounds a bit like the first phase of the Morpheel and Argorok battles in Twilight Princess.

Naboris, well, it just sounds kinda like Gerudo Town.

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What should I do????

I am super close to beating botw and I've been avoiding the game because I know I will be sad when I beat botw what should I do???
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How do you access the Wiki?

  • Website
  • FANDOM App
  • Zeldapedia App
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I'm not sure if I like botw

Okay, so I've spent countless hours playing breath of the wild trying so hard to get into it, it's aesthetically pleasing and I enjoy the puzzling shrines, but I just can't get into it. Does anyone have any ideas as far as things to do in botw?
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How many

How many armor sets and could you give me details
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First time playing Zelda

When was the first time you ever remember playing zelda. Did you like it at first or did it slowly grow on you. My first experience with Zelda was playing twilight princess on the GameCube. It was fun and I would play the first area for hour because I sucked at it. Then my nana got a Wii it twilight princess for Wii and then it started. My addiction to Zelda had begun, every time I went to her house I would ask to play it and not stop till we left because with the Wii controllers it felt like you where really link. Eventually we moved away I sold my game cube and forgot about. On my birthday last year I got a sudden urge to play it so I gather so of my Christmas/bday money and found a cheap wii. I got home plugged it in and played non stop till I got to the snow mountain in tp, and I got close to the end. I forgot to save and it sent me back to the beginning and I was crushed. I stopped playing for months and then I got this app and wanted to finish it so I asked for a few tips and finished the game. That's my experience what's yours?
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• 12/11/2018

Nintendo Switch - Spending too much money?

A lot of us here love the Nintendo Switch. It's a bridge between the Home and Handheld console worlds, and it stands up well against Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. However, there seems to be an issue with the Nintendo Switch, and I think by now a lot of people may agree with me.

Are you spending a little too much money to have a good experience?

Buying a Switch only costs $300 USD. Doesn't seem too bad right? There's an issue with that price however. The Switch has 32 GB of internal storage, can run up to 1080p HD, and has limited features, not to mention a controller that isn't entirely ergonomic. At the same price, you could buy an Xbox One S, with 1 TB of internal storage, can run up to 2160p HD (4K) in media, and has a more ergonomic controller.

Not reconsidering? The Nintendo Switch Game Cards can only hold up to 32 GB max, and some games try an exceed that by either having an entirely separate game OR extra download, sometimes more than 32 GB worth of download, which would ask a person to buy a microSD Card in order to actually play a game. Compare all that to the Blu-Ray Discs used in Xbox Ones, which hold drastically more. With 1 TB of storage, and a large amount of space on the disc, expanding your storage isn't necessary.

STILL not reconsidering? Removable storage is another issue. Using USB Devices for expandable storage is a lot easier than using microSD Cards. Why? Because the amount is larger. The Nintendo Switch supports up to 2 TB of removable storage. Seems fair, and the games are fairly small. What's the problem? 2 TB microSD's ARE NOT COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE! Fine, let's go to 1 TB.....wait wrong type....fine let's go down to 512 GB...geez. 2 TB is easy for USB devices. 2 TB is hard for microSD's.

Stubborn? Want to be like a professional gamer and use a headset? For an Xbox One, all you really need is a headset with a mic. For a Nintendo Switch, here's what you gotta do:

Buy a mobile device. That could cost any price, cheap or expensive. More expensive prices are preferable because of quality. Download the Nintendo Switch Online app. Then buy a sound splitter, preferably the 2nd-party Hori one. Then you buy a headset. What kind of idea is this? Seriously, why can't the Switch just support voice chat via USB device? Fortnite does, but why not any other game?

VERY stubborn? You go to the store to get an awesome setup for Smash Ultimate. You buy that GameCube Controller. You buy that GameCube Controller Adapter. You then realize that you wasted money for it because the GameCube Controller is only (realistically) compatible with Smash, and other games program it as a Pro Controller.

Too stubborn? You buy Splatoon 2. Want to play offline? Sure....only for like a couple of hours before the single-player is done. DLC? Sure, still a couple of hours. Want to play MP? Too bad. You need NSO. Buy it, and you gain access to the majority of the game's content and features. Does Microsoft have 1st-party games like this? No, and that's an issue. Pay-to-Play seems like something you would expect Nintendo to not do. What do they do with NSO? Have a game that falls close to the front of the Pay-to-Play spectrum.

OK....I can stop hating on the Switch, but that doesn't mean that you're spending a little too much money on the Switch. I love it, but because of all these transactions, I can't really classify this as cheap anymore. Really, it's fallen in front of Microsoft in terms of pricing.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we're spending a little too much for the Switch?

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• 12/10/2018

Should i

Should i buy a switch just for loz
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• 12/10/2018

Breath of the wild timeline

Hello to everyone! I'm playing botw and i was wandering about it's timeline. I think it is after twilight princess. Why? Because there are a lot of references about it. In a Link's memory, for example zelda talks about three heroes: sky, time and twilight. I think she was talking about Skyward sword, ocarina of time and twilight princess. Moreover in gerudo desert we have some references to the arbiter's ground, the place where sages should have killed Ganondorf
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• 12/10/2018

Ok ok ok

For the last 3 days ihave been wondering will my fav game series end and i think about this topic over and over because i think it will so i got this app just to ask this question i have asked it many times in many different ways and all i wanted was some suport form all of you loz fans but alot of you say it will or one day but that was not what i wanted to hear so im typeing this to say to all you guys i will use this app to ask normal questions not asking if loz will dye and will go away into history because i have thought that you guys dont work at nintendo and you guys are just loz fan i would like to hear your feedback plz dont put negative comments.
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• 12/10/2018

The Zeldapedia Discord Server


Check out Zeldapedia's Discord server! Because the wiki's Live Chat system isn't fully accessible and never active, we use Discord as an alternative.

This is a great way to talk in real-time. If you're planning to chat, the server is the ideal way for that. No need to keep refreshing those Discussion posts!

If you're having any issues, please contact me here.

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 12/9/2018

That shrine surrounded by thorns

Now a lot of you have probably figured this out already and might think I'm a moron for not getting it

But I always found a mountain to Paraglide from over to that shrine on a hill surrounded by thorns. Well, on my seventh playthrough, I only just realized you can burn them with Fire Arrows and get in a lot easier.

Has anyone else taken this long to realize or am I just stupid? (I might not even be saying this if I hadn't seen videos of people trying to use Stasis on the Zora's Domain shrine instead of Cryonis the whole way)

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• 12/9/2018

SuperSmash Ultimate

Hi, I dont know how many here had the chance to try the new Smash game. Its good even if I found some obvious flaw, but overall its great. But what I want to discuss here is the Warrior that a lot of us here must love. Link.

At first I just enjoyed him, once I got used to his new bomb, but then as I unlocked Young Link and Toon Link, Link kinda disapointed me. They used his champion tunic and rune bomb to assosiate him to BotW and his Final Smash is him firing a ancient arrow. But why stop there? They want him to be BotW Link? Then why isn't his other Rune used as special ability?

He could have had the Stasis Rune as side ability which could freeze close opponent for one or two second.

Crionisis Rune could be us Up special, when he use it it create a pillar of ice under his feet throwing him into the air and knock back anyone close who would be "inside" the bloc of ice.

Neutral B could charge the Magnesis insted of the biw and arrow, a small metal peice could be stuck at the tip of the slate and when you release it it fly forward and maybe you could control it to also fly back at you like when Jigglipuff is rolling and you change direction.

I know these idea are not perfect, but we get three Link in this game, sadly they did not give the mask to Toon Link so he's just a faster Link. I just feel that Nintendo didn't work really hard in this one, I would have liked to get something more special for the Link in this game.

What about you? Do you like their moveset or not? And what would you change about them if you could?
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• 12/9/2018

Can someone help me

I have had games that i love stop being made and i dont want that to happen to loz so could someone give me prove that it not going to end
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• 12/9/2018

Challenge Of The Day #19

The answer to challenge of the day #18 will be posted tomorrow. This challenge is to make up the day I missed.

Key: #### unknown word?What word could it be?

"He was the leader of a band of thieves who #### Hyrule in the hopes of ###### ######## over the ##### Realm. He was known as a #### thief, an evil-magic wielder renowned for his ruthlessness..."

Who said this and from what game?
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